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Harcus Parker acts for owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles which are alleged to have been fitted with defeat devices, similar to those used by Volkswagen. Defeat devices allow cars to detect when an emissions test is being carried out, and change their performance accordingly. Often, when the cars are driven in the real world, emissions will be many times higher than the regulated limits.

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Impact on environment

A report by the Royal College of Physicians in 2016 estimated that around 40,000 deaths each year are attributable to exposure to outdoor air pollution. NOx emissions in particular have been linked to diseases as diverse as childhood asthma and teenage psychosis. Recent reports have also identified individuals exposed to poor air quality as being more likely to suffer from severe Covid-19 symptoms.

The scandal in numbers


Vehicles recalled throughout Europe


Paid by Mercedes in fines


Excess deaths each year attributed to air pollution in the UK


Vehicles could be affected in England and Wales

How do I Join?

If you have bought or leased a diesel Mercedes-Benz vehicle in England or Wales since 2009 you can apply to join the claim. You could be entitled to several thousands of pounds of compensation. If you bought or leased an affected Mercedes in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can still complete our questionnaire, but your claim will be handled slightly differently.

The litigation will be free at the point of use. Harcus Parker will act on a no-win, no-fee basis, and will pay any third-party costs which are necessary in order to progress the claims to trial.